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08.30 – 09.15 Session 12 (Branding)
Endocrinology Keynote Lecture

Chairperson: Sytze van Dam (Amsterdam)

Louis Gooren (Amsterdam): Hormones and the brain, studies in transsexuals


09.30 – 11.00 Parallel sessions


Session 13 (Doorwerth)

Gender, hormones and brain function
Moderators: Gert ter Horst (Groningen) and Mechiel Korte (Lelystad / Utrecht)

Inga Neumann (Regensburg, Germany): Brain neuropeptides: regulation of stress coping not only in the maternal brain (30)

Zuoxin Wang (Tallahassee, FL, USA): Dopamine regulation of social attachment in a monogamous rodent (30)

Cornelieke van de Beek (Amsterdam): Prenatal influences of sex hormones on gender-related behavior in infants (15)

Christel Westenbroek (Groningen): Sex-specific effects of ‘social support’ in rats after chronic stress (15)

Session 14 (Branding)

Is eating always fun?

Moderators: Louk Vanderschuren and Roger Adan (Utrecht)

Kenneth Carr (New York, NY, USA): Augmentation of drug reward by chronic food restriction: behavioral evidence and underlying mechanisms (30)

Jacquelien Hillebrand (Utrecht): Hypothalamic signaling in an animal model of anorexia nervosa (15)

Donné Schmidt (Amsterdam): Overlapping and segregating corticolimbic circuits involved in sucrose seeking and heroin seeking (15)

Ramona Guerrieri (Maastricht): The relationship between impulsivity and feeding in humans (15)

Celine Morens (Groningen): Interactions between cholinergic systems and melanin concentrating hormone (15)


Session 15 (Patio)
Calcium and exocytosis

Moderators: Remco Westerink and Matthijs Verhage (Amsterdam)

Ron Habets (Rotterdam): Residual calcium and plasticity of transmitter release (15)

Sander Groffen (Amsterdam): DOC2B and the art of vesicle pool maintenance: a molecular gearbox triggered by calcium (15)

Remco Westerink (Amsterdam): Reduced vesicular catecholamine release in calbindin-D28k null mutant mouse chromaffin cells (15)

Guillermo Alvarez de Toledo (Sevilla, Spain): Exocytosis studied with high resolution patch clamp capacitance, amperometric and fluorescence measurements (45)


Session 16 (Gelderland)
Neurotrophins: from the central nervous system to the neuroendocrine cell

Moderators: Wim Scheenen and Bruce Jenks (Nijmegen)

Susana Cohen-Cory (Irvine, CA, USA): Neurotrophin-induced plasticity in the developing CNS: from dendrites and axons to synapses (30)

Thomas Dijkmans (Leiden): The effects of nerve growth factor (NGF) on double-cortin-like kinase, a novel CamK-like kinase, in a PC12 cell model (15)

Shridhara Chrakravarthy (Amsterdam): Cell autonomous inhibition of TrkB signaling can induce dendritic pruning in the adult visual cortex (15)

Adhanet Kidane (Nijmegen): Expression and function of p75 and TrkB receptors in the pituitary melanotrope cell (15)

Dorien de Groot (Nijmegen): Generation and analysis of Xenopus laevis with cell-specific transgene expression of (pro)BDNF (15)


11.00 - 11.30 Break


11.30 – 12.15 Session 17 (Branding)

Marius Tausk Lecture

Chairperson: Ron de Kloet (Leiden)

Bruce McEwen (New York City, NY, USA): Stress, sex and the hippocampus


12.15 – 13.30 Lunch


13.30 – 15.00 Parallel sessions


Session 18 (Doorwerth)

Neuron-Schwann cell interactions in health and disease

Moderators: Dies Meijer (Rotterdam) and Mark Verheijen (Amsterdam)

Lawrence Wrabetz (Italy): Protein quality control in the pathogenesis of Charcot Marie Tooth 1B hereditary neuropathy (30)

Martine Jaegle (Rotterdam): The Claw Paw gene and its role in peripheral nerve development (15)

Mark Verheijen (Amsterdam): Schwann cell SREBP-1 and associated lipid metabolism are implicated in diabetic peripheral neuropathy (15)

Valeria Ramaglia (Amsterdam): The role of complement in Wallerian degeneration (15)

Martijn Tannemaat (Amsterdam): The effect of lentiviral vector-mediated delivery of neurotrophic factors on peripheral nerve regeneration (15)


Session 19 (Branding)

The HPA axis in inflammatory diseases

Moderator: Inge Huitinga (Amsterdam)

Christoph Heesen (Hamburg, Germany): HPA-axis activity in multiple sclerosis, relation with severity and cognition (30)

Bert Beishuizen (Amsterdam): HPA-axis in severe critical illness (30)

Lisa van Winsen (Amsterdam): Glucocorticoid receptor in multiple sclerosis (15)

Zeynel Erkut (Amsterdam): HPA-axis in multiple sclerosis; post mortem studies (15)


Session 20 (Patio)

GABA in circuits

(organized under auspices of the ‘SWO/Liga tegen Epilepsie’)

Moderators: Tineke van Rijn (Nijmegen) and Govert Hoogland (Maastricht)

Arjen Brussaard (Amsterdam): GABAergic synapses: from receptors to cognition (30)

Maarten Kamermans (Amsterdam): GABA, a neuromodulator in the retina (30)

Gitte Bouwman (Nijmegen): GABA and absence epilepsy: corticothalamic circuits (15)

Lia Liefaard (Leiden): Changes in GABAA receptor properties in the post-SE model for temporal lobe epilepsy (15)


Session 21 (Gelderland)

Diabetes and the brain

Moderators: Suat Simsek  (Amsterdam) and Geert-Jan Biessels (Utrecht)

Chris Ryan (Pittsburgh, PA, USA): Cognitive (dys)function and diabetes (30)

Alette Wessels (Amsterdam): Type 1 diabetes mellitus and cognitive dysfunction: microangiopathy of the brain (15)

Ineke Brands (Utrecht): Brain MRI correlates of cognitive dysfunction in type 2 diabetes mellitus (15)

Peter de Jonge (Groningen): Depression and diabetes mellitus: what is the relationship? (15)

Esther Pelgrim (Amsterdam): Relationship between diabetes mellitus and hippocampal atrophy: the HAAS study (15)


15.00 - 17.00 Poster session Neuroscience 1 (Branding)


17.00 - 18.30 Parallel sessions


Session 22 (Branding)

Neuron-glia signaling in the CNS

Moderator: Eric Boddeke (Groningen)

Giorgio Carmignoto (Padova, Italy): Astrocyte-mediated neuronal synchrony in the hippocampus (30)

Alfonso Araque (Madrid, Spain): Synaptic information processing by astrocytes (30)

Eiko de Jong (Groningen): Neuron-glia communication in neuronal stress (15)
Robert Hoek (Amsterdam): CD200-mediated regulation of microglia activation (15)


Session 23 (Gelderland)

Short-cuts and traffic jams: protein transport in neurodegeneration

Moderator: Wiep Scheper (Amsterdam)

Casper Hoogenraad (Boston, MA, USA): GRIP1 specifies dendrite morphogenesis by regulating receptor trafficking (30)

Martijn Roelandse (Amsterdam): The role of synaptic vesicle release in neurodegeneration and axon outgrowth (15)

Sidhartha Chafekar (Amsterdam): Aβ trafficking and toxicity (15)

Peter Peters (Amsterdam): Intracellular trafficking of PrP (30)


Session 24 (Patio)

Impulse activity in the midbrain dopamine system and the vulnerability to drugs of abuse

Moderator: Geert Ramakers (Utrecht) 

Michela Marinelli (Chicago, IL, USA): Electrophysiological correlates of addiction liability (45)

Mischa de Rover (Amsterdam): Long term effects of changes in dopaminergic transmission on cholinergic modulation in the nucleus accumbens (15)

Annelies Olijslagers (Amsterdam): Serotonin's potentiating interaction with dopamine neurons in SN and VTA areas of the rat (15)

Daniel Mathon (Utrecht): Neurophysiological changes in the midbrain dopamine system of μ opioid receptor knockout mice (15)


Session 25 (Doorwerth)

Imaging biological processes with MRI

Moderators: Erwin Blezer (Utrecht) and Elga de Vries (Amsterdam)

Mathias Hoehn (Köln, Germany): In vivo MR imaging of cells in brain: methodological and physiological challenges (30)

Raoul Oude Engberink (Utrecht): Ex vivo labeling of monocytes for in vivo cell tracking using MR imaging (15)

Willem Mulder (Eindhoven): Lipid-based contrast agents for molecular and cellular MR imaging (15)

Jeroen Geurts (Amsterdam): Grey matter involvement in multiple sclerosis: pathology and MRI (15)

Jet van der Zijden (Utrecht): Mapping cortical projections after stroke using in vivo manganese enhanced MRI (15)


19.00 Dinner / Poster Award Ceremony Neuroscience 1


21.00-21.45 Session 26 (Branding)

Hersenstichting Lecture  

Chairperson: Marian Joëls (Amsterdam)

James McGaugh (Irvine, CA, USA): Emotional arousal, memory consolidation and the amygdala