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08.30-10.00 Parallel sessions  

Session 27 (Doorwerth)

Serotonin systems in psychiatry

(organized under the auspices of the Dutch-Belgian Society for Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences EKN)

Moderators: Thomas Cremers and Bart Ellenbroek (Nijmegen)

Mark Millan (Servier, France): 5-HT and the treatment of depression; a summary of available concepts/drugs and future perspectives for the novel exploitation of serotonergic mechanisms (30)

Fokke Bosker (Groningen): Physiological role of median raphe 5-HT1A autoreceptors (15)

Herman Westenberg (Utrecht): Overview of serotonin related clinical developments in treatment of depression and anxiety (15)

Meg van Bogaert (Utrecht): The 5-HT1A receptor mouse and anxiety (15)

Edwin Cuppen (Utrecht): Functional characterization of the serotonin transporter knockout rat (15)


Session 28 (Patio)

Between the ears: neural mechanisms of sound decoding

Moderators: Gerard Borst (Rotterdam) and Huib Versnel (Utrecht)

David Moore (Nottingham, UK): Auditory neuroscience: new frontiers (30)

Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras (Rotterdam): A neuronal microcircuit in the barn owl auditory space map: implications for coding of binaural cues (15)

John van Opstal (Nijmegen): Role of the auditory midbrain in sound localization (30)

Nienke van Atteveldt (Maastricht): Cross-modal modulation of speech sound processing in the planum temporale (15)


Session 29 (Gelderland)

Molecular aspects of receptor and channel function

Moderators: Henk Vijverberg (Utrecht) and Hans van Hooft (Amsterdam)

David Colquhoun (London, UK): Binding and gating at the single molecule: studies with nicotinic and glycine receptors (45)

Guus Smit (Amsterdam): Acetylcholine binding protein: a structural and functional model of the nicotinic receptor (15)

Hans van Hooft (Amsterdam): Structure and function of serotonin 5-HT3 receptors in the CNS (15)

Chantal Smulders (Utrecht / Den Haag): Subunit structure and function of nicotinic ACh receptors (15)


Session 30 (Branding)

Neurogenesis and gliogenesis in cortical development: molecular and cellular mechanisms

Moderators: Paul Lucassen (Amsterdam) and Erno Vreugdenhil (Leiden)

Stephen Noctor (San Francisco, CA, USA): Patterns of neuronal migration in the embryonic cortex (30)

Erno Vreugdenhil (Leiden): Doublecortin-like, a novel microtubule associated protein specifically expressed in radial glia and neuronal precursors, is crucial for mitotic spindle stability (15)

Karin Boekhoorn (Amsterdam): Expression of doublecortin and doublecortin-like in the embryonic nervous system (15)

Sharon Kolk (Utrecht): ‘Ephective’ signaling: Eph and ephrins during cortical development (15)

Marco van Ham (Rotterdam): Microtubule dynamics and neuronal development (15)


10.00 - 12.00 Poster session Neuroscience 2 (Branding)


12.00 - 12.45 Session 31 (Branding)
EKN Keynote Lecture

Chairperson: Bart Ellenbroek (Nijmegen)
Ferrari (Leiden): Migraine, from patients to transgenic mice models, ..... and back


12.45 - 14.00 Lunch


14.00 - 15.30 Parallel sessions


Session 32 (Branding)

Hormones, plasticity and behavior

Moderators: Paul Lucassen, Harm Krugers and Marian Joëls (Amsterdam)

Gal Richter Levin (Haifa, Israel): Stress, cognition and plasticity (30)

Olof Wiegert (Amsterdam): Corticosterone hampers and facilitates synaptic plasticity; the importance of timing (15)

Danielle Champagne (Leiden / Amsterdam): Maternal care and plasticity (15)

Marjolein Gerrits (Groningen): Cyclic estradiol treatment modulates the neurobiological responses to stress (15)

Vera Brinks (Leiden): MR/GR interactions in cognition and emotion (15)


Session 33 (Doorwerth)

How to silence your nerves: application of small interfering RNA

Moderators: Simone Niclou (Amsterdam) and Erno Vreugdenhil (Leiden)

Roderick Beijersbergen (Amsterdam): Large scale RNAi screens in mammalian cells as a tool to identify novel drug targets (30)

Carlos Fitzsimons (Leiden): Silencing genes in the living brain: application of small interference RNA (30)

Erich Ehlert (Amsterdam): Stimulating axonal regeneration through siRNA-mediated knock down of semaphorin receptors (15)

Ronald van Kesteren (Amsterdam): Possibilities and impossibilities of dsRNA-mediated knock-down of gene expression in cultured molluscan neurons (15)


Session 34 (Patio)

Voltage sensitive dyes as neuronal activity indicators

(Sponsored by Graduate School Neuroscience Amsterdam ONWA)

Moderator: Wytse Wadman (Amsterdam)
Jian-Young Wu (Washington, DC, USA): Propagating waves in neocortical slices: an optical imaging study  (45)
Bogden Milojkovic (Rotterdam): Voltage-sensitive dye imaging of glutamate-evoked dendritic potentials in layer V pyramidal neurons  (15)
Tim Heistek (Amsterdam): Voltage sensitive dye imaging of the mouse prefrontal cortex (15)
Natalie Cappaert (Amsterdam): Stimulated and oscillatory activity in the hippocampal-entorhinal cortex slice(15)


Session 35 (Gelderland)

The neuromuscular synapse: basic and clinical aspects

Moderators: Jan Verschuuren and Jaap Plomp (Leiden)

Clarke Slater (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK): Current thoughts about the functional organization of the neuromuscular junction (30)

Bart Jacobs (Rotterdam): Mechanisms of IVIg therapy in auto-immune neuromuscular disorders (15)

Mariska van der Plas (Leiden): Novel role of dystrophin at the drosophila neuromuscular junction (15)

Mario Losen (Maastricht): The role of rapsyn in myasthenia gravis (15)

Ann de Haes (Groningen): Reversal of competitive neuromuscular block: a revolutionary approach (15)


15.30 - 16.00 Break


16.00 – 17.00 Session 36 (Branding)

Neurofederation Lecture

Chairperson: Eric Boddeke (Groningen)
Helmut Kettenmann (Berlin, Germany): Mechanisms of neuron-glia interaction


Poster Award Ceremony Neuroscience 2


17.00 - 18.30 Parallel sessions


Session 37 (Doorwerth)

Mechanism of synaptic plasticity

Moderators: Nial Burnashev and Christian Hansel (Rotterdam)

Frances Edwards (London, UK): LTP - a homeostatic mechanism to wipe the memory slate clean? (30)

Jonathan Jay Couey (Amsterdam): Nicotine and the prefrontal cortex synaptic plasticity (15)

Marcel de Jeu (Rotterdam): Motor learning in LTD/LTP-deficient mice (15)

Wytse Jan Wadman (Amsterdam): Scaling neuronal excitability in response to non-specific synaptic activity (15)

Nail Burnashev (Amsterdam): LTP in mice with prolonged decay kinetics of NMDAR-mediated EPSCs (15)


Session 38 (Branding)

Neurogenomics: from molecular anatomy to behavioral phenotype

partially sponsored by EUPEAH

Moderator: Nicole Datson (Leiden)

Mark Vawter (Irvine, CA, USA): Postmortem gene expression studies in neuropsychiatric disorders (45)

Maarten Morsink (Leiden): Generation of a molecular atlas of the hippocampus using laser microdissection and DNA microarrays (15)

Yongjun Qin (Amsterdam): Gene expression changes in single dentate granule neurons after chronic unpredictable stress (15)

Jonas Hauser (Zurich, Switzerland): Long-term neurobehavioral effects of prenatal dexamethasone in rats and marmosets (15)


Session 39 (Patio)

5-HT and cognition
Moderator: Arjan Blokland (Maastricht)

Alfredo Meneses (Mexico City, Mexico): Overview of 5-HT receptor subtypes in learning and memory (30)

Marleen Wingen (Maastricht): Effects of serotonergic drugs on learning and memory in healthy volunteers (15)

Martijn Meeter (Amsterdam): Modelling memory functions of 5-HT (30)

Geoffrey van de Plasse (Amsterdam): Role of 5-HT in cognitive flexibility in rats (15)


Session 40 (Gelderland)

Living under uncertainty: towards understanding the foundations of human and animal long-term choice behavior

Moderator: Ruud van den Bos and Dennis Schutter (Utrecht)
Edward de Haan (Utrecht):
Overview neuropsychological processes of decision making in humans in real-life and laboratory models (30)
Dennis Schutter (Utrecht): Psychopathology of decision making in humans (15)
Henriëtte Prast (Amsterdam): Decision making in behavioral finance

Ruud van den Bos (Utrecht): Animal models of decision making (15)

Jamilja van der Meulen (Amsterdam): Neurochemistry of decision making in rats (15)


19.00 Dinner


21.00-21.45 Session 41 (Branding)
NVP Keynote Lecture

Chairperson: Jaap Murre (Amsterdam)

Ian Robertson (Dublin, Ireland): Title pending