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09.45 Opening


10.00-11.30 Session 1 (Branding)

Teaching session NVE: The metabolic syndrome
Chairperson: Hans Romijn (Leiden)

Achim Peters (Lübeck, Germany): The selfish brain

Geert-Jan Biessels (Utrecht): Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cognitive function

Hanno Pijl (Leiden): Neuroendocrine features of obesity in humans


11.45-13.15 Parallel sessions

Session 2 (Doorwerth)

Structure-function relations of glycoprotein hormone receptors

Moderator: Jan Bogerd (Utrecht) and Axel Themmen (Rotterdam)

Sietse Mosselman (Oss): Gonadotropins and their receptors: an overview (15)
David Puett (Athens, GA, USA): LH receptor structure and mode(s) of activation (30)
Djura Piersma (Rotterdam): Effects of a functional LH receptor variant on breast cancer survival (15)
Julia Oosterom (Oss): Identification of low molecular weight ligands for gonadotropin hormone receptors (15)
Jan Bogerd (Utrecht): Ligand-selective determinants and common contact sites in LHR en FSHR (15)


Session 3 (Patio)


Moderator: Paul Lips and Jenneke Klein Nulend (Amsterdam)

Lance Lanyon (London, UK): Mechanical stimulation of bone: interactions with hormones (30)

Astrid Bakker (Leuven, Belgium): Mechanotransduction by bone cells (15)

Christianne Reijnders (Amsterdam): Mechanical stimulation of rat bone: micro-array (15)

Chantal Chenu (London, UK): Effects of nervous system on mechanical adaptation (15)

Esther Tanck (Nijmegen): Effects of mechanical stimulation on bone structure (15)


Session 4 (Branding)

Genetics of stress: role of corticosteroid receptors

Moderators: Roel de Rijk and Erno Vreugdenhil (Leiden)

Stefan Wüst (Trier, Germany): Association between common polymorphism in the glucocorticoid receptor gene and HPA-axis responses to psychosocial stress (30)
Liesbeth van Rossum
(Rotterdam): Function of glucocorticoid receptor polymorphism (15)

Roel de Rijk (Leiden): Glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors in the human stress response (15)

Margien den Hollander-Gijsman (Leiden): A dimensional system to characterise the psychopathology of mood, anxiety and somatoform disorders (30)


Session 5 (Gelderland)

Psychiatry and the metabolic syndrome

Moderator: Johanna Assies (Amsterdam)

Malcolm Peet (Sheffield, UK): Diet and fatty acid metabolism in relation to schizophrenia and the metabolic syndrome (30)

Anja Lok (Amsterdam): Obesity, fatty acids, homocysteine in recurrent depression (15)

Ieke Visser (Amsterdam): The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal(HPA)-axis and fatty acids in recurrent depression (15)

Francois Pouwer (Amsterdam): Depression, diabetes and fatty acids (15)

Solrun Vidarsdottir (Leiden): Effects of antipsychotic drugs on glucose metabolism (15)


13.15-15.00 Lunch / Poster session Endocrinology (Branding)


15.00- 16.00 Session 6 (Branding)

Hot topics in endocrinology

Chairperson: Anton Scheurink (Groningen)
Gianluca Aimaretti (Turin, Italy): Traumatic brain injury and hypopituitarism (30)

(sponsored by Pfizer BV, Capelle a/d IJssel)

Randall Sakai (Cincinnati, OH, USA): Social stress, hormonal responses and energy balance (30)

(sponsored by Elsevier, Amsterdam)


16.00-16.30 Break


16.30-18.00 Parallel sessions


Session 7 (Doorwerth)

Diabetes and fat metabolism, lipoprotein remnants

Moderators: Marcel Twickler (Nijmegen) and Ton Maassen (Leiden)

Pia Lundman (Stockholm, Sweden): Diabetes and vascular function (30)

Peter Voshol (Leiden): The (patho)physiological role of apolipoproteins in lipid and glucose homeostasis (15)   

Aldo Grefhorst (Groningen): Insulin sensitivity in animal models of hepatic steatosis (15)

Alexandra Mulder (Nijmegen): Sympathetic nerve system and insulin resistance: the role of microcirculation (15)

Felix Kreier (Amsterdam): A hypothalamic network projecting to fat tissue; role of the biological clock (15)


Session 8 (Branding)

Pathophysiological implications of polymorphic variations in endocrine genes

Moderator: Theo Visser (Rotterdam)
André Uitterlinden (Rotterdam): Basic concepts and methodology; polymorphism in the vitamin D receptor (30)

Erica van den Akker (Rotterdam): Polymorphisms in the cortisol receptor (15)

Joyce van Meurs (Rotterdam): Polymorphisms in the estrogen receptor (15)

Joop Janssen (Rotterdam): Polymorphisms in the IGF-I gene (15)

Robin Peeters (Rotterdam): Polymorphisms in thyroid hormone-related genes (15)


Session 9 (Gelderland)

Stress endocrinology and metabolism

Moderator: Anton Scheurink (Groningen)

Sietse de Boer (Groningen): Neuroendocrinology of social stress (30)

Annetrude de Mooij (Utrecht): Behavioral analyses in genetic dissection of food exploration strategies (15)

Marian Moelands (Utrecht): Isolation versus social stress: effects on experimental behavior (15)

Angelique Heinsbroek (Groningen): Effect of prenatal stress on the development of the metabolic syndrome (15)

Yanina Revsin (Leiden): HPA axis regulation in type 1 diabetic mice (15)


Session 10 (Patio)

Basal and clinical aspects of somatostatin within the endocrine system

(sponsored by Ipsen Farmaceutica BV, Hoofddorp)

Moderators: Richard Feelders and Leo Hofland (Rotterdam)

Wouter de Herder (Rotterdam): Is there a role for novel somatostatin analogues in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors? (30)

Phillipe Jaquet (Marseille, France): Medical therapy of pituitary adenomas: chimeric compounds (30)

Joost van der Hoek (Rotterdam): Potentials of the new somatostatin analogue SOM 230 in the treatment of pituitary disorders (15)

Virgil Dalm (Rotterdam): Somatostatin versus cortistatin in physiological and pathological conditions (15)


18.00-19.00 NVE annual member meeting (Doorwerth)


19.00 Dinner / Poster Award Ceremony Endocrinology


21:00-21:45 Session 11 (Branding)
Lecture Organon Award Winner

Chairperson: Hans Romijn (Leiden)
Award winner to be announced at the meeting by Netherlands Society for Endocrinology (NVE)