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Proceed to the registration form page to register for the meeting. For guidelines of submission of your abstract go to abstract submission page

The official language of oral and poster presentations at the meeting is English.

Registration desk
At the meeting, the registration desk will be open on Tuesday 31 May from 09.00-13.00 h and 18.00-18.30, on Wednesday and Thursday 1-2 June from 08.00-13.00 h and 18.00-18.30, and Friday 3 June from 08.00-13.00 h.

The Endo-Neuro Meeting uses this website for registration (see registration form). Deadline for registration is May 1, 2005. Receipt of your registration will be confirmed by an automatic e-mail.
Definitive confirmation of the registration follows upon receipt of payment of the meeting fee on Postbank account 7905966 of the Endo-Neuro-Psycho Meeting, Heidelberglaan 100-NEUR-G03228, 3584 CX Utrecht. For money transfers from abroad use the international bank account number (
IBAN) NL35PSTB0007905966 and the bank international code (BIC or Swift code)
PSTBNL21of the Postbank B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Reservations can be made definitive only when your meeting fee is received by the deadline of May 15, 2005. Please make sure that the payment is recognizable for the organizers as transferred by you as registrant. Preferably use your personal bank account since tranfers through administrative offices usually leads to anonymous 'ghost' payments.
After May 1, e-mail registration will be blocked. Registration is thereafter only possible at the meeting. The on-site meeting fee is however considerably higher (see below). After May 15, hotel accommodation should be arranged directly by contacting Golden Tulip Parkhotel 'Doorwerth. If still available, they will offer you the room prizes as indicated in the table below.

Extra nights

Foreign speakers who wish to make reservations in Parkhotel Doorwerth for the nights before or after the meeting, should sent an e-mail with this request to The reservation will then be confirmed by the meeting organizers.

For other participants additional night before and the after the meeting can be reserved as well, the prize of the hotel room will be the same as charged for the nights during the meeting (see table below).

Call for room sharing
Only early payment of the registration fee guarantees a room in the meeting Parkhotel Doorwerth on the basis of 'first paid first reserved'. So, don't wait till the payment deadline with your money transfer. Since a limited number of rooms is available, partipicants are strongly advised to sign up for room sharing.

In case Parkhotel Doorwerth will be overbooked, the organizers will try to present you alternative accomodation either in Hotel Nol in 't Bosch (see map below or or Hotel and Conference Center Papendal (

Registration fees are listed below. Prizes upon electronic registration before May 1 are also indicated on the registration form.  
The day registration fee is waived for speakers for the day of their presentation (once only), but not for speakers of satellite sessions.
Members of the Netherlands Society for Endocrinology are offered a discount of
20 for the 2-day Endo package, members of the Neurofederation for the 2-day Neuro or Psycho package. Discount is offered only once. Attendance for the full 4-day meeting provides an additional 20 discount irrespective memberships. Speakers are not eligible for this discount.

  Payment in advance Payment at meeting  Payment at hotel counter
Fees per day, except for package fee before May 15 on site on site
Day (incl. program booklet, lunch. drinks)    60     75 -
Dinner    35    40 -
Single room    85 -    100
Double room    55* -    60*
   * sign up of roommate is required
Endo package (day 1/2)
(NVE members only)
   220 single 
   190 double
includes day fees for May 31 and June 1, accommodation and dinner on May 31 with 20 discount.
Neuro package (day 2/3)
(Neurofederation members only)
   220 single
   190 double
includes day fees for June 1 and 2, accommodation and dinner on June 1 with 20 discount.
Psycho package (day 3/4)
(Neurofederation members only)
   220 single
   190 double
includes day fees for June 2 and 3, accommodation and dinner on June 2 with 20 discount.
Full meeting package    560/580 single
   470/490 double  
full package with discount of 40 (members of NVE or Neurofederation) and of 20 for others.

The total amount of registration and accommodation costs can be restituted if cancellation is done by e-mail to the address before 15 May 2005. Refunds for cancellations received after 15 May and before 31 May 2005 will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Substitute participations will be accepted.