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All oral and poster presenters are requested to submit an English-written abstract for publication in the program booklet. Deadline for submission is 1 April 2005.


Your abstract can only be submitted electronically via the abstract submission page of this website. Receipt of abstracts will be confirmed by e-mail. Correspondance about your abstract should be addressed to ENPmeeting@neurofederatie.nl. The abstract secretariat will only handle files in MS-Word format.


Lay-out of the abstracts should be as presented below: Title in capitals; presenting author in italics; asterisk(s) for various collaborating groups; no dots following abbreviations; body text not exceeding 300 words and at the bottom your name and affiliation. For your convenience an abstract template can be imported which has all the required presets for the layout.



The influence of exercise on functional recovery of spinal cord-injured rats


Aag KN,  Rolstoelie J*, Van Accord JA*/**
Dept of  Neuroregeneration, Univ of Leiden, Leiden, *Orthopedic Clinic, AZL, Leiden, **Dept of Anatomy, Free University, Brussels, Belgium

The abstract should be written in English. Times Roman font in 9pt size and single line spacing should be used throughout the document.

The text block of the abstract should be written as no longer than 300 words.   

Karin N Aag, Department of Neuroregeneration, University of Leiden, Postbus 2000, 2000 NO Leiden, tel  071 1234 5678, e-mail knaag@leidenuniv.nl

Please note once more that the body text of your abstract should not exceed 300 words, otherwise it will be published in truncated form.

Due to heavy traffic the abstract submission server can be temporarily unavailable. In such a case, please try again later. Alternatively, during prolonged server unavailability you can e-mail your abstract file to ENPmeeting@neurofederatie.nl. Please include "abstract file + session title" in the subject line.

Oral presentations
Oral presentation times are either 15, 30 or 45 min, all including discussion time. Presentation times are indicated between brackets on the program pages. The moderator of your session will help you keeping your presentation within the allotted time frame.
In all lecture rooms, beamer projectors but no laptops are available. The moderator of the session will provide the laptop facility. 

Ideally all PowerPoint presentations of a session should be loaded on one laptop so that no re-plugging is needed between the talks. For smooth projections via the beamer, presenters are therefore requested to put their presentation file on a CD-ROM and contact the moderator of the session so that the files can be loaded on a single laptop computer.

Poster presentations 
The poster session Endocrinology will be held
on Tuesday 31 May between 13.15-15.00 h (during which lunch will be served). Posters can be mounted from 09.30 h onwards, and have to be removed before Wednesday 1 June 08.30 h.
The poster session Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 1 is scheduled on Wednesday 1 June between 15.00-17.00 h. These posters can already be mounted from 08.30 h onwards, and have to be removed before Thursday 2 June 08.30 h. 
The poster session Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2 is scheduled on Thursday 2 June between 10.00-12.00 h. These posters can be mounted from 08.30 h onwards, and have to be removed before Friday 3 June 08.30 h. 
The poster session Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience is scheduled on Friday 3 June between 13.00-14.30 h. These posters can be mounted on from 08.30 h onwards, and have to be removed at the end of the meeting. 
Poster boards are sized 100 cm wide x 120 cm high. Posters are mounted using drawing pins, which are available at the poster session site.

Poster awards
For the Endocrinology, Neuroscience 1 and 2 and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience poster sessions, posters will be awarded for presentation and quality. Poster selection committees appointed by the three scientific program committees will announce the winners in Poster award ceremonies that will be held respectively during the dinner of 31 May (Endocrinology), the dinner of 1 June (Neuroscience 1), following the Neurofederation Lecture on 2 June (Neuroscience 2) and before the NVN session on "What it means to be human" on 3 June (Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience).