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Dear scientist,
Welcome at the website of the 4th Dutch Endo-Neuro-Psycho Meeting 2005, the unique annual meeting for the Dutch endocrinologist and neuroscientist in the broadest sense. This Endo-Neuro-Psycho Meeting 2005 (ENP2005) is the 9th meeting of its kind, which started in 1997 as the 1st Dutch Endo-Neuro Meeting, but since then has grown to the forum of national scientific exchange. A bit of its history and its success story can be found on http://www.enpmeeting.nl/enp/history.
One of the aims of the EN
Pmeeting is to present the most recent developments in clinical and pre-clinical research in various fields of endocrinology and the neurosciences. The present program again offers many exciting sessions in the fields of basal and clinical endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, neurosciences and behavioral neurosciences. To this end, many scientists, participating as moderators in the meeting, have organized topic-oriented sessions in which both internationally well-known speakers from Europe or the USA were invited to present their view on the future prospects as well as junior scientists who will contribute with their latest results in this field. This is reflected by the (advised) standard format of a session: an 30 min introduction by an established senior scientist combined with a number of 15 min presentations by young postdocs and/or PhD-students.This approach is chosen as to create an ideal atmosphere that promotes interaction between junior investigators and established senior scientists, the important second aim of the meeting.
In addition poster sessions are organized that are open for both young and established scientists. We would like to encourage everybody not only to participate but also to submit an abstract for one of the four poster sessions at the ENP2005.
The ENP2005 will again be held in Golden Tulip Parkhotel Doorwerth. The pleasant atmosphere of the conference site has proven to be very stimulating for scientific and social exchange in all previous meetings, and no doubt it will do so in 2005. Due to the high number of participants expected, the organizers herewith request to make a choice for room sharing on the registration page, especially for the nights of 2 and 3 june 2005. It permits all your colleagues to be accommodated at the spot.
Finally, the organizers would like to stress and acknowledge the important contribution of the session moderators: they organized the sessions and together they are responsible for the exciting program of this years meeting. In addition, the 4nd Dutch Endo-Neuro-Psycho Meeting 2005 would not exist without the generous financial support from our sponsors
We are looking forward seeing you in Doorwerth,
On behalf of the organizing committee,
Hanno Pijl, chairman