Satellites are organized by the Leiden/Amsterdam/Groningen Biological Rhythm Group and by the NWO Workgroup Neuro-immunology and Neuro-oncology (NONI). The scientific programs of the satellite sessions were made under the full responsibility of the moderators of these groups, and speakers time therefore does not fully match the schedule of the main meeting, nor that the presentations have to be presented in English.

Tuesday June 6 (13.30-18.00 h)

Leiden/Amsterdam/Groningen Biological Rhythm Group

Moderators: Joke Meijer (Leiden), Dries Kalsbeek (Amsterdam), Menno Gerkema (Groningen) and Gerard Boer (Amsterdam)
13.30  Roelof Hut (Groningen)
Hibernation and circadian rhythmicity in the european ground squirrel
13.45 Gosia Oklejewicz (Groningen)
Timing in tau mutant hamsters: from heart rate to life span
14.00 Barbara Biemans (Groningen)
The biological clock and memory processes in the rat
14.15 Judit Doczi (Budapest, H/Leiden)
Responsiveness of the suprachiasmatic nucleus to retinal input in a slice preparation
14.30 Mariska van Steensel (Leiden)
Phase shifts of the hamster circadian pacemaker by a -opioid receptor agonist
14.45 Eus van Someren (Amsterdam)
The human biological clock and body temperature: feed forward or feedback?
15.00 J.eroen Schaap (Leiden)
In vitro multi-unit activity pattern in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus
15.15 Marcel de Jeu (Amsterdam)
A circadian modulation of GABA function in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
16.00 Bert van der Horst (Rotterdam)
Cytochromes and the mammalian biological clock
16.15 Filippo Tamanini (Rotterdam)
Analysis of clock-related mRNAs/proteins in Cry mutant mice
16.30 Stephanie Perreau (Amsterdam, Strassbourg, F)
SCN output and the control of pineal activity in rat
16.45 Koen Jansen (Groningen)
Behavior, vasopressin and the circadian clock
17.00 Dries Kalsbeek (Amsterdam)
SCN involvement in the daily plasma leptin rhythm in rat

Wednesday June 7 (8.30-16.00 h)

NWO-MW Group Neuro-oncology and neuro-immunology (NONI)

Board: C.D. Dijkstra, (president), J.M. van Noort (secretariat),  J.J. Mooij and  P.A.E. Sillevis Smitt

Final  program

Moderators: Christien Dijkstra (Amsterdam) and Hans M. van Noort (Leiden)

10.00 Christien Dijkstra
10.05 Wim Ang (EUR)
Molecular mimicry in the induction of GBS
10.25 Marijke Eurelings (AZU)
Swal nerve T cells in polyneuropathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy
10.45 Marcelien van Furth (VU)
Bacterial meningitis in a cytokine knock-out mouse
11.05 P. Wirtz (LUMC)
Clinical and genetic risk factors for the development of Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome
11.25 Dharmin Nanda (AZR)
Targeting of replication-competent adenoviral vectors to brain tumours
11.45 Frank Baas (AMC)
Gene expression profiles in medulloblastoma reveals novel markers
13.10 Judith Jeuken (AZN)
Subtyping of oligodendroglial tumours by CGH: a valid additional tool for classification of gliomas
13.30 Hans van Noort (TNO)
Cytosolic accumulation of the glial stress protein alpha B-crystallin in stressed human astrocytes involves redistribution of the protein rather than upregulation
13.50 Elga de Vries (VU)
Mechanisms of monocyte migration across the blood-brain barrier
14.10 Sandra Hulshof (VU)
Enhanced expression of IL-4 and IL-10 and their receptor types in MS
15.00 Sam Gobin (LUMC)
Upregulation of transcription factors controlling MHC class I and class II expression is confined to activated microglial cells and phagocytosing macrophages in active demyelinating lesions and normal appearing white matter in MS
15.20 Lizette Visser (EUR)
CD44 variant isoforms in MS and EAE
15.40 Alex de Vos (EUR)
An immunotoxin targeting CD40 ligand effectively prevents EAE
16.00 Bert t Hart (BPRC)
Autoimmune encephalomyelitis in non-human primates
16.20 Mariken Luca (TNO)
Modulation of antigen presentation in EAE
16.40 Annette van Boxel-Dezaire (TNO)
Mechanisms of interferon-b therapy in relapsing-remitting MS